Waste trolley for waste disposal in the hospital

//Waste trolley for waste disposal in the hospital
Waste trolley for waste disposal

Waste trolley for waste disposal in the hospital

Waste in hospital is divided into different types and degrees of danger and based on them, it is handled differently. For those that are not dangerous, an Alvi sack-holder trolley, hygienic, comfortable and ergonomic, is certainly the right solution. But before discovering the types of waste trolleys available, let’s understand together what medical waste is and how it differs.

Sanitary waste and disposal

Not all sanitary waste can be disposed of in sack-holder trolleys. The most dangerous sanitary waste, i.e., those with infectious risk, must always be disposed of in special containers selected according to the type of waste and, sometimes, to its origin. Below is a list of the various types of sanitary waste:

  • Hazardous with infectious risk: these are waste contaminated by biological liquids such as blood and body fluids, and which must therefore be disposed of in dedicated containers. This category also includes ordinary waste but coming from patients placed in isolation.
  • Hazardous and non-infectious waste from diagnosis and analysis laboratories. May contain aqueous washing solutions, solvents, reagents, batteries, lamps, thermometers, etc.
  • Non-hazardous: they can be assimilated to municipal waste and can be disposed of in waste trolleys directly by hospital cleaning staff. They include all ordinary waste not coming from isolation departments.

Dispose of sanitary waste in an Alvi waste cart

Alvi waste trolleys are divided into two main types: sack-holder trolleys with lid and sack-holder trolleys with hermetic closure.

The sack holder trolleys with lid are equipped with an ergonomic pedal for opening. This ensures maximum hygiene for the cleaning staff. Furthermore, their base platform and front opening allow a quick and safe extraction of the full bag. The lid is available by default with opening at 60°. On request, it is also possible to have it with 98 ° opening, as in the trolleys without a pedal.

The waste trolleys with hermetic closure, on the other hand, are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a special wallet closure made of thermoplastic rubber co-moulded on a metal core. Their ABS base prevents the bags and their contents from falling.

All components of Alvi waste trolleys aim to reduce noise and are suitable for disinfection and easily replaceable. The lids, where provided, are all equipped with integrated long-lasting hinges. The bag holder rings, and the vertical rod are in light alloy and are anodically oxidized.

Another type, which does not belong to those previously mentioned, is represented by containers for waste and dirty linen. With the lid made in two parts, equipped with a stop in the open position and the presence of front doors, the loading and unloading of waste bags will be extremely practical. Furthermore, its dimensions allow a capacity of up to 12 bags.

These trolleys are used both for the transport of non-hazardous waste bags and for the transport of disposable containers intended for dangerous ones. As for the transport of waste inside containers the trolley 1600 CR in the version with and without shelves is also widely used.

Waste trolleys online

Especially in the hospital environment, the efficiency, comfort, and safety of a waste trolley are fundamental features. From the materials chosen for the construction, to the ease of lid opening, passing through the importance of having a hermetic device, Alvi products are perfect for the disposal of sanitary waste.

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