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Alvi stainless steel trolleys: ideal for the transport of sterile instruments

The need to respond to the demand for transport trolleys that allow the use of alkaline products during the disinfection process has given rise to a new line of Alvi products: stainless steel trolleys, perfect for use inside the washing tunnels.


Stainless steel cupboard trolleys for sterile containers

The stainless steel cupboard trolleys for sterile containers are available in various models and with different internal configurations. Their body in AISI 304 stainless steel sheet entirely tight TIG welded, with smooth walls and free of interstices allow easy disinfection together with all their contents, even through the use of alkaline products.

AISI 304 stainless steel is in fact the most suitable material for frequent washing in tunnels with alkaline detergents, which is why the stainless steel trolley for the transport of sterile containers, for example our 8625 CR, is the ideal solution for the transport of instruments. from the operating blocks to sterilization centres (and vice versa).

The absence of interstices makes this product extremely hygienic, avoiding the accumulation of dirt for optimal disinfection. The trolley is equipped with two adjustable and perforated shelves to allow the water to drain during washing inside the tunnel. The doors, with silicone gasket, guarantee a watertight closure of the trolley, to protect the sterile contents during transport both before and after washing.

The 8167 CR trolley is ideal for the transport of DIN containers. The 8170 CR trolley, on the other hand, is excellent for ISO baskets.


Alvi Shuttle System: modular trolleys in stainless steel


The Alvi Shuttle system is a modular solution created following the decentralization of the sterilization structures with respect to the operating blocks. The possibility of using a mobile shuttle that can be transferred from the cupboard trolley to the transport trolley and storage platforms makes it a perfectly ergonomic solution. The coupling is fast and safe and takes place by means of a lever that simultaneously activates the coupling of the transport trolley to its interface, releasing the shuttle.

The Shuttle System is available in light alloy but also in stainless steel, in 3 DIN sections, 2 ISO sections, or single sections. An example is the SY 8000 4B stainless steel cupboard trolley, suitable for 2 stainless steel single-section shuttles. It is an ideal solution for washing and sterilizing instruments with alkaline detergents.

Obviously, since it is a modular stainless steel trolley, it allows to integrate the shuttles, the transport trolleys and the platforms in stainless steel also in the aluminium shuttle version. The SY 8020 stainless steel 2-section shuttle is perfect for transporting sterile containers in the ISO-Norm format. The SY825XN050 3-section shuttle, on the other hand, is suitable for DIN containers.

The possibility of combining stainless steel elements with an anodized aluminium trolley therefore allows to preserve the lightness of the Shuttle system while meeting the needs of using elements entirely made of STAINLESS steel within the operating blocks. For more information or to request a quote contact us!

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