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Alvi laundry trolley: a practical solution for hospital linen

Alvi laundry trolleys are extremely practical containers for linen, used in hospitals and healthcare facilities both for the collection of dirty linen and for the distribution of clean linen.
They are mainly made of light alloy, to allow easy movement within hospital spaces and are all made with the best measures aimed at ensuring the safety of both operators and patients, with ergonomic solutions and suitable for disinfection. However, there is not just one type of laundry trolley. They are varied and help to perform different functions


Collection of hospital linen

If once hospital linen was collected, deposited, cleaned, and stored within a single facility by the operators, now it happens more and more often that a large part of these activities is entrusted either to external service companies or to the hospital laundries but located remotely. The collection of dirty linen is a very important phase of the process that begins inside the wards by sack-holder trolleys. Subsequently, the bags are transported from the wards to the laundry using the dirty linen containers or inside the cupboard trolleys for clean and dirty linen. After the washing and disinfection process, which as anticipated, could also take place outside the healthcare facility, the distribution phase of the clean linen continues, it will be stored and transferred to the wards in appropriate linen cupboard trolleys, to avoid any possibility of contamination.


Types of Alvi laundry trolley


Alvi laundry trolleys are divided into different types:
● Sack-holder trolleys for the collection of dirty linen.
● Cupboard trolleys for linen transport.
● Linen ward trolleys.
● Container for dirty linen and waste.

Sack-holder trolleys for the collection of dirty linen

The trolleys for the collection of dirty linen in the ward can be single or multiple ring sack-holder trolleys, for the convenient insertion of dirty linen inside the bags. An example is the product 3830, which is a practical sack-holder trolley for collecting dirty linen in the wards. The product is obviously also available for the transport of multiple bags, in the 3835, 3840, 3845 and 3846 versions.

Cupboard trolleys for linen transport

The cupboard trolleys for the transport of linen between the laundry and the wards are equally important, precisely because of the decentralization of the conditioning cycle of flat or packaged linen. These are very sturdy cupboard trolleys, also suitable for transport on trucks. The cupboard trolleys are equipped with shelves and doors in folded sheet metal with welded reinforcements both at the top and at the bottom. The 1550 CR laundry trolley for the transport of linen from disinfection centres is one of the largest. Each shelf has a capacity of 80kg, while the bottom has a capacity of 120kg, for a total use capacity of 250kg.
The 1560 CR model, suitable to transport both dirty linen in bags and folded clean linen, after passing through the washing tunnel, allows a valuable optimization from the logistic and environmental point of view, avoiding the transport of empty trolleys between the laundry and the wards.

Linen ward trolleys

Alvi ward linen trolleys are used for the storage and distribution of clean linen in hospitals. Among them stand out the model 3950/2 in the different versions with and without doors. The trolley is equipped with 2 fixed internal shelves + the bottom, an anti-slip ABS top with 80 mm edge on three sides and a total capacity of about 7-8 beds. Slightly larger, the 4000 model is instead equipped with a light alloy lid and a capacity of 10-11 beds.

Container for dirty linen and waste

The containers for dirty linen and waste are practical trolleys made of anodized light alloy sheet, with lid and front doors. The 2050 is one of the most popular, with the practical front door in three parts (lower fixed, central sliding and upper folding and mounted on hinges). The push handle on the short side and the drain tap at the bottom complete this versatile product.

A laundry trolley is therefore an essential and indispensable tool for the work of the Social Healthcare Workers and for the proper functioning of hospital dynamics. For this reason, Alvi offers a wide range of laundry trolleys for clean and dirty linen, which can be used at any stage of the collection, conditioning, and distribution of hospital linen. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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