Aluminum trolley 1550: for hygiene and transport of hospital linen

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Il carrello in alluminio 1550: per l’igiene e il trasporto della biancheria ospedaliera

Aluminum trolley 1550: for hygiene and transport of hospital linen

In hospital environments the requirements of prevention, infection control and users safety are certainly essential. Compliance with these requirements also involves the choice of specific equipment that allows to optimize in terms of logistics the large flows to be managed and that guarantees high standards of reliability and obviously the possibility of disinfection.

The use of aluminum for trolleys

In the hospital sector, closed trolleys play a primary role for the handling of materials that require frequent transport between users and storage or treatment/disposal areas. At Alvi, leading company in hospital logistics for forty years, we produce a wide range of solutions including aluminum trolleys for the collection and distribution of clean and dirty linen, between the services and the laundry, containers for special waste and airtight case carts for the transport of sterile material or medical devices. Among these products, a common and intensive use is the one related to aluminum laundry trolleys of which we offer various models affected by constant updates and improvements to adapt to the needs of the market. In Alvi the choice of aluminum is crucial: instead of the extensive use of steel, the use of light alloy ensures an excellent ratio between mechanical strength and specific weight, while ensuring the necessary strength for the high loads to transport and a reduction in the weight of the trolleys and the work of those who handle them. Finally, the possibility of treating the surface of the bodies of the trolleys by anodizing provides the resistance to corrosion necessary against the action of detergents for deep disinfection used in a hospital environment. Compared to steel, therefore, aluminum does not fear the intensive use and strong stresses during transport on trucks or with the use of tractors, or disinfection in washing tunnels.

The characteristics of the laundry trolley 1550

We have recently revised and made more sturdy model 1550 CR to ensure a higher performance: its design has in fact been adapted several times thanks to our experience in the specific needs of the sector, whether they are hygiene, ergonomics or resistance to mechanical stress. The 1550 CR laundry trolley is more strong against dynamic stresses thanks to both a sturdy anti torsion base in painted steel and two fixed internal shelves, which reinforce the structure and limit enormously the deformations at full load, together with the stiffening frame present along the opening. This aluminum trolley is, in short, designed to be easy to handle and solid in the transport of clean linen, which can be arranged on three fixed levels for a total empty weight of 70kg and a maximum capacity of 250kg. The external dimensions (1230x630x1740mm) allow a wide handling flexibility, facilitated by a double handle on the short side, and by a lower bumper. The contents are protected by two 2,5mm thick sheet metal doors with welded reinforcements, an EPDM gasket and a locking system on the lid and bottom, operated by an aluminium handle with rounded edges, designed specifically to ensure the absence of accidental opening. This laundry trolley is totally cleanable inside washing tunnels and resists high temperatures. The design has been developed and adapted to the high standards of hygiene and safety of the sector through the creation of rounded edges and avoiding the presence of gaps difficult to clean. The shelves, although rigidly fixed to the body, are spaced from the walls to allow complete disinfection, with elements in relief in the fixing points.

The importance of variety: the models of the aluminium laundry trolley

Model 1550 is joined by a number of variants that as well as the first born and many other Alvi products reflect the strict standards of sturdiness and hygiene. In the same range, in fact, there are different sizes and configurations: the aluminum laundry trolley 1550/501 CR, for example, it has the same dimensions and the capacity of 1550, but it is also equipped with an upper bumper in addition to the lower, as standard for greater protection of the content when used on trucks. The 1550/532 CR, on the other hand, is an aluminum trolley of slightly reduced height which does not show any differences in features compared to models 1550 and 1550/501: however, it mounts both the lower and upper bumpers, and retains the three horizontal spaces (two fixed shelves and the base) for organizing linen, with an even lower weight. Similar setting also for model 1560 CR, but with only one shelf and therefore ideal for those who need reduced capacity and very low empty weight.

The accessories for a more agile and safer work

The wide flexibility of Alvi proposal then finds further substance in the accessories that can be combined with the 1550 range. To transport more aluminum laundry trolleys by means of tractors, a hinged zinc plated tow bar with hooking pin is available (XTR1550); for the handling with reduced spaces the rotation fastening system allows to convert the 2 fixed wheels into 2 swivel wheels (XBD1550); for the easy handling and locking of the trolleys inside trucks a central brake system with pedal is available, it acts on two swivelling wheels and it can be easily activated blindly (XFC1550). Finally, to limit the accessibility of non-employees to the transported goods, it is possible to install a key locking system (XSER1550) or a seal cutter (XTS1550).