1570 CR

/1570 CR

Cupboard trolley with hinged shelves and upper bumper

1570 CR

Body in AlMg3 light alloy sheet, anodized (10 micron). 2 hinged perforated shelves. Upper shelf can be folded toward the back. Lower shelf can be folded toward the front. Lower shelf is made in 2 parts as an anti-fall device in vertical position. 3 possible internal configurations of shelves:

-loading and transport of clean linen
-loading and unloading of bags
-dirty linen transport

Double wing door built with 2,5 mm bent sheet and welded reinforcements on top and bottom, opening at 270° with stopping magnet for resting position. Door fastening by one vertical thumb-latch hooking on top and bottom. The truck is equipped with an EPDM gasket on top to grant protection of contents from water and dust. One push-handle on a short side. Strong non-twisting bottom iron frame with epoxy finishing (80 micron). Non-marking grey rubber buffer on bottom and on top. 2 reinforcements on the back corners. 2 fixed and 2 swivelling wheels with non-marking rubber ring and zinc-plated housings.

Shelf carrying capacity: 80 kg /each
Bottom carrying capacity: 120 kg
Light between shelves:
lower space 479 mm
middle space 465 mm
upper space 397 mm

1570 CR
ModelDescriptionInternal dimensions External dimensionsCapacityWeightWheels diameter Wheels positionCarrying capacityColour MaterialContainersVertical section
RH1570ON501Cupboard trolley with hinged shelves and upper bumper1130 x 550 x 1420 mm h1230 x 630 x 1785 mm h883 l76,50 kg200 mm