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Ergonomic hospital trolleys

Alvi’s ergonomic hospital trolleys meet all the standards required to facilitate the working conditions of healthcare workers and the various possible users. For over 50 years we have been using aluminium to produce manual trolleys, making transport convenient and effective, to preserve the hygiene of the operators and all the professionals involved in the use of Alvi trolleys.


Ergonomics of manual trolleys

Ergonomics is the science of facilitating interaction between people and an element with which they come into contact, to improve work experience and safety. For this reason, we talk of ergonomic chairs and workstations and, in the hospital and healthcare sector, ergonomic hospital trolleys able to make the working environment of operators more comfortable.

This aspect is of considerable importance for companies because it allows an increase in productivity as well as reducing the risks of musculoskeletal diseases. We therefore speak of preventive ergonomics, with reference to all those research processes and improvements made before a problem occurs within the workflow. It contrasts with reactive ergonomics, which on the contrary is usually implemented to solve problems already encountered in the past.

Alvi has developed ergonomic aluminium trolleys for the convenient and effective transport of clean and dirty linen, waste, sterilized containers, and everything necessary for the proper performance of logistics in the healthcare sector.

The company offers a wide range of ergonomic supports suitable for manual transport, paying particular attention to optimizing the position naturally assumed by the operator when using the trolleys.

The possibility of working using an ergonomic manual trolley therefore allows accessibility to the loads transported, preserving the safety of the worker, whatever task is assigned to him. This, therefore, makes it possible to eliminate risks to the health of workers by increasing the productivity of companies.


Alvi Shuttle System

The Alvi Shuttle system was created following the decentralization of equipment sterilization units from the operating blocks, to facilitate a comfortable, quick, and safe transport of all the material to be decontaminated. 

The system consists of a cupboard trolley, shuttle, transport trolley and platform and involves the use of a mobile shuttle to be transferred from the cupboard trolley to the transport trolley or storage platform. This represents a great advantage from an ergonomic point of view, avoiding the manual handling of single containers between traditional closed trolleys and open trolleys used in the operating room, and from a hygienic point of view, minimizing the possibility of contamination.

The attachment of the hospital trolley to its interface and the release of the shuttle are also operated simultaneously through a lever for quick and safe coupling. All the elements that make up the Shuttle System are available both in AISI 304 stainless steel and in anodized aluminium and can be integrated with components in anodized aluminium or stainless steel according to the needs. It is a modular product, with shuttles that can be configured according to the containers in use (DIN-Norm or ISO-Norm) and the required capacities.

In addition to the 3-section shuttles, the possibility of opting for the 1-section Shuttle system allows to further reduce the transported weights, increasing the ergonomics of the trolley and easy handling.


Ergonomic trolleys for hospitals

As for the Shuttle System, Alvi’s cupboard trolleys and containers for the transport of hospital linen are a handy product that can facilitate the work of the operators.

One of our leading products ergonomic solutions is without doubt the cupboard trolley 1570. Intended for the transport of clean and dirty linen thanks to the internal configurability of the shelves, it has been designed to optimize the loading and unloading phases and guarantee user safety by means of the anti-fall device of the bags.

For the transport of bags (waste or linen) our best seller is the Trolley 4500/003, entirely made of light alloy sheet, equipped with a lid and a hinged door. To further optimize the position of the operator during the loading and unloading phases, this trolley can be equipped with the XPANT4500 pantograph option which allows you to keep the work surface always at the same height, avoiding harmful bending of the torso.

The same principle that exploits the mechanical characteristics of the compression springs is at the base of all the line of trolleys with movable bottom. The bottom mounted on side rails with nylon wheels allows easy handling even with non-uniform loads and the tank shape avoids the jamming of the transported material.

The latest addition to the range, the 680/26 CR is additionally equipped with a weight indicator.


Alvi’s ergonomic hospital trolleys

Alvi trolleys are ergonomic hospital trolleys available in many configurations and with modular solutions that allow the correct performance of all work activities,

both of the medical staff assigned to the patients and of the staff assigned to the cleaning and the logistics in the hospitals.

Starting from the lightness of the aluminium trolleys combined with a careful study of the design (accessibility of loads, easy handling of moving parts, easy-to-use safety devices and ergonomic push or closing handles), Alvi products help the work of the whole personnel involved in hospital sanitation operations ensuring the safety of all employees.

With 50 years of experience in the processing of light alloy, Alvi carries out continuous studies for its use, together with plastics, stainless steel and other materials, with the aim of finding the ideal configuration for any context of use.